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Needle in a Haystack Retreat
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Block 1 Washington DC

Our Globetrotting journey starts in Pat's home town, Washington DC! She lives just outside our wonderful capital in the Virginia suburbs. Pat states "I feel so lucky to be able to take part in great museums, festivals and explore the history of our country!"

The center block is our largest block and sets the stage for our trip around the world! (This picture is made with our fabric kit) The pictures used in the patterns were Pat's choice of fabrics.

Please click on the Picture for a printable version of the pattern.

Pat has written on her patterns in two different colorways. If you are going to print the pattern you may only want to print the first 7 pages.

Please be advised when cutting fabric #2 you need to cut a 7"strip first, cut your 6.5" square and then cut the remaining portin into 3.5" in squaes. If you do not do this you will NOT have enough fabric to cut all your 3.5" squaers. 


Pat wanted to create a block inspired by history. She found this old map of DC and used it as her inspiration.