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Willowberry Room

Also known as the "Green Room," this room has two twin beds. 

Pink Room

This is a nice and bright room for two! Each person has their own twin bed!


Yellow Room

This lovely room has two twin beds covered with quilts using my personal favorite-hand dyed batiks.  Perfect for two people to have their own bed!  There is an adjoining door to the blue room.


Blue Room

The perfect & cozy "Blue Room" has two twin beds also.


Cottage Room

The Cottage Room, has delightful, creamy white furniture and the beds are covered in quilts in soft pastels of teapots, log cabins and dresden plates, sleeping 3 people.  There are 2 twins beds and a queen bed.


Shabby Chic Room (ADA compliant)

This room is perfect for sleeping two people.  It has 2 beds.  It's located on the same floor as the classroom and has an ADA compliant bathroom. 



Master Bedroom

The master room is a very large room with an adjoining bath. There are 5 single beds.